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GSM telemetry is particularly suited to installation on waste water pumping stations. Alarm signals such as high level, pump tripped and power failed can be reported on our standard GSM Remote Alarm Reporting System and analogue values, typically wet well liquid depth, can be monitored with the web based system when used in conjunction with ultrasonic level controllers.

Web based data acquisition makes the package appealing to operators of this type of asset who employ third party contractors to maintain pumping stations and oil interceptors as the owner and service provider has visibility of alarms and historical data.

The standard GSM Remote Alarm Reporting System transmits warnings via SMS text message whilst the web based SCADA platform known as iHost uses text and email to send notifications to predetermined recipients. In addition routine status and logged data is available via iHost at any pc with an internet connection without the need to install specialised software.

Pumptec Remote Monitoring packages give the user accurate and immediate information in real time, providing instant fault reporting and diagnostics.


  • Quickly and easily retrofitted to on to a multitude of control systems.
  • Ideal for critical plant such as Wastewater Pumping Stations or Oil Interceptors where breakdowns can pose serious health and environmental hazards if left unchecked.
  • Alerts sent to multiple recipients.
  • Upgrade to online monitoring (iHost) where you view the status of your plant on the internet.


  • Improves response time to emergency situations when repairs are needed fast keeping costly downtime to a minimum.
  • Takes away the guesswork, you know what the problem is, what needs doing and when. No more unnecessary call-outs or tanker visits.
  • 24/7 monitoring made easy.