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Pollution Prevention Products

Pumptec’s ecotector range of pollution detection and prevention systems stop pollution at the flick of a switch and are the most advanced systems on the market. The ecotector range provides a flexible and highly effective portfolio of products to ensure compliance and peace of mind, delivering minimal pollution management costs and a wide range of remote activation options and monitoring probes. The ecotector range is compliant with all Environment Agency codes of practice.


The draintector pneumatic drain sealing system offers excellent cost savings in management time and helps prevent potential environmental liability, prosecution and the resultant negative publicity as the result of a spill. The unique draintector bladder mechanism allows preventative and emergency activations of the system with the added benefit of automatic pumped deflation. Preventative Activation is particularly useful when companies need to take pre-emptive measures to safeguard drains against accidental spills, for instance during deliveries. Following Emergency Activation draintector’s pumped deflation system allows the unit to be readied for future use immediately without the need for servicing. draintector can be activated manually at the control panel, automatically by GSM or remote control. draintector can also be hard wired in to pH or conductivity probes, fire alarms or other onsite systems.


Both the European Standard & Environment Agency concluded that the ‘Best Practice’ method of monitoring interceptors is on an automated basis because it ensures: Minimum use of waste management infrastructure by reducing number of visits

Made by waste management contractors, ensuring that waste waters are only removed when pollutant levels are high.
Minimum spend on waste management and disposal due to a reduction in disposal
frequency. Peace of mind that site interceptors are working correctly.
Assurance that interceptor volumes are not breached in between labour intensive
visual or dip sampling audits. Compliance to the relevant guidelines & standards.

Pumptec’s ceptatector is an intrinsically safe electronic monitoring system that measures oil, silt and liquid volume automatically on a continual 30 minute cycle transmitting alarms when levels are high. Alarm notifications are; audible/visual at the monitor head, GSM text to predetermined mobile phones, email to multiple addresses or any combination of the afore-mentioned methods. ceptatector is available mains powered, solar powered or battery powered making it ideal for remote locations.


The bundtector is a low maintenance automatic pumping system that constantly monitors the contents of the bund, detects the difference between oil and water and safely pumps the water (rainwater containing less than 5mg of oil per litre) only out of the bund into the surface water drainage system.

Only the retained oil then needs to be removed from the sump, significantly reducing the number of visits by waste management companies thus providing significant cost savings, often paying for itself in the first year.