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  • Accessories


    Pump Accessories are essential for those one-of-a-kind operations that require an extra touch to get the job done. Every job is different and regrettably, unforeseen circumstances and last-minute hiccups are inevitable… in these situations, you need high-quality accessories that you can rely on. Whether it’s a single house or a large industrial project you’re working on, our pump accessories give you the peace of mind needed when for those last-minute changes. From Wall Seals to Pump Chains to Level Controls, we stock a variety of different accessories that ensures you’re fully prepared for any situation, regardless of the job’s requirements.

  • Controls & Alarms

    Controls & Alarms

    Controls and Alarms that you can rely on are vital for any pumping station job as they alert you to when things aren’t working correctly and can potentially save an operation from complete disaster. A malfunction or breakdown of a pumping station can have serious consequences by flooding the surrounding area with hazardous wastewater causing long-term damage to the environment, our Controls & Alarms stop this from ever happening Whether it’s Alarm Systems or Pump Control Panels you need for your pumping station, we have the equipment to stop the problem before it even happens.

  • Pipework & Fittings

    Pipework & Fittings

    Pipework and Fittings are essential to any pump operation as they’re used to connect things together and make sure that things are flowing as they should. Available in various types and sizes, our cost-effective range of pipeworks and fittings will ensure that your operation runs smoothly. From Elbow Plains to Cleaning Fluid, we’ve got just what you need to get the job done.

  • Pumping Stations

    Pumping Stations

    We offer a wide range of pumping stations that are perfect for the handling of sewage and surface water in both commercial and domestic settings. Whether it’s a small pump for a garden room or something larger major for industrial operation, Pumptec will design, manufacture and install a bespoke packaged station for your project. From single pumps to twin pumps, Pumptec has just what you need.

  • Pumps


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